What are GMOs?

The Bad:

Monsanto is a huge corporation that supplies roughly 90% of the world's seed supply. These seeds are genetically mutated to self-produce pesticides and/or survive the excessive use of the toxic herbicide Roundup. 

Their goal is, not to feed the world, but to control the food supply for profit. 

Their seeds are patented and farmers are forced to buy new seeds each season as well as a huge supply of herbicides.

Genetically engineered seeds are messing Earth's ecosystems. 

The excessive use of herbicides is destroying soil as well as animal and insect populations (example: bees). 

The food grown from GMO seeds is not adequately tested to prove it's safety and has been proven by many researchers yo be highly unsafe for human consumption. Yet due to Monsanto's enormous political clout, GMO foods and products containing GMOs do not legally have to be labeled as such. Oh, and 70+% of food in the average supermarket is or contains GMOs.

The Good:

Organic food is rising in popularity as people discover that they, and their families have essentially been lab rats in an extremely dangerous worldwide science experiment.

Organic food is readily available in many places and in many forms! Organic food is grown without the use of pesticides or GMOs. It is healthy for the earth, the animals, and our bodies. 

Monsanto may control a large number of the worlds food supply, but they don't control organic food and they don't control the choices YOU make for your family. The only way they can control you is by keeping you blind to what they are doing. 

The Solutions:

*Buy and eat organic food. For every dollar you spend on ANY food or product with GMOs, you are voting in favor of this practice.

*Teach your children about nature and how it works beautifully on it's own. Teach them to respect it and leave it in better condition than they found it.

*Spread the word!

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